• Kids' town

    Welcome to your town! Tap and visit your house, your friend's home, the community centre, court house and prison. You can go into each building and find many interesting, helpful things to think about and do.

  • Parents, caregivers, organisations

    Click through to resources which can support the parents and caregivers of children with a parent in prison.

    And here, for resources which will be useful for organisations and professionals who seek to help those children.

  • Give a little

    This website is the support and information website of Pillars. You can donate to us and help the children of prisons get high quality care.

  • Get a site like this for yourself

    We can build you a branded copy of our interactive, mobile-friendly website, customised with your organisation name and branding, in your language and using illustrations from your particular state or country. Quickly and inexpensively.

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