Prison – words


Words you will hear

Beyond Reasonable Doubt – A term used in court to decide if a person is guilty or not.
Cell – A small room where a prisoner lives. It may be for one or two prisoners.
Contraband – Things of any kind that you are not allowed in the prison. Eg. drugs, alcohol, cellphones.
Drug Dog – The dog that searches cars, cells and prisons for drugs.
Gatehouse – Entrance to a prison.
Guardroom – An office in a prison unit where correction officers control the unit eg. open and shut the doors, watch the prisoners.
Lag – The length of time a person is in prison.
Muster – The number of prisoners in a prison.
Parole Board – A group of people which includes a Judge that decides if a person can get out or not. They make a decision on things like; is the community going to be safe if this person comes out.
Parole – When a prisoner is released from prison but still has to check in with a probation officer.
Pod – A modern two-storey unit for high-medium security prisoners.
Pound – A cell away from other prisoners where there are no privileges like using the phone.
Razor Wire – Special barbed wire used on top of fences and buildings to stop prisoners from escaping.
Reintegration – Getting prisoners ready to come out and be part of society again. For example, doing courses.
Remand Prisoner – A prisoner who is in prison waiting for their trial or sentence.
Sally Port – A secure entrance with two gates and a space between. One gate has to be closed before the other is opened.
SED – Sentence End Date.
Seg – Segregation – kept apart from the rest of the prisoners.
Unit – A place where a group of prisoners of the same security rating or same needs live together in one building or area.
Youth Unit – A special place for young offenders under 19 years of age. They don’t mix with the adult prisoners.