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VISITING ROOM When you get to the visiting room you will see prison officers, other visitors, other children, and it might be noisy. There will be chairs to sit on. Some prisons may have tables or toys to play with. You will see your parent and they may be wearing overalls. ENTRANCE There is only one entrance to the prison. It is usually called a gatehouse. There are a lot of prison officers dressed in uniforms. On each side of the gatehouse is a big fence. You go in the door and sign in. Then you will go through a metal detector. You may have to take off your shoes and any jewellery to walk through. Once you get through to the other side you will then go to the visiting room. SECURITY CHECK When you arrive at the prison you may be stopped by security so that your car can be searched for things that you cannot take into a prison. Usually a drug dog will help do the search. If they find anything in the car like drugs, your visit will be refused and it may mean that you cannot come back for a long time. The adult with you will get into serious trouble.