The picture below shows a court

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Here’s an easy to understand picture that shows you what happens in court and who the people are. The people are explained underneath.

The jury (12 people at the back)
The jury is made up of 12 adults (jurors) Sometimes there isn’t a jury. If there is a jury they will decide whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty.

The judge (sitting high at side)
Is in charge of the court. They decide if the defendant is guilty of committing the offence beyond reasonable doubt. If there is a jury. The jury will decide this instead.

Registrar (under the judge)
The Registrar helps the judge and make sure that court processes are followed.

The prison officer (next to the registrar)
The prison officer has brought the prisoner to court.

The police officer (in light blue)
They help the prosecutor by saying what the police saw.

The prosecutor (in dark blue)
Their job is to prove that the defendant is guilty of committing the offence beyond reasonable doubt.

The defence lawyer (in green)
They may question the defendant and other people who have anything to say about what happened.

The defendant or accused (behind his lawyer)
Is the person who the police say has committed the offence.

The public (at the side)
Members of the public can come to court case, and they sit here in the gallery.

The witness (in brown)
People who have seen or heard anything that will help the judge or jury decide what has happened.

The witness’s supporter (in purple)
This is the person who the judge has agreed can support the witness in court.